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Thank You For Asking:
Postpartum Parent Wellness Group

When the baby arrives, usually parents stop being asked how they are and full attention goes to the baby. Babies need the attention AND so do you! 

This course is designed to focus on YOU, the parents! 

This four week course will have weekly group Zoom sessions and related discussion on postpartum topics that focus on parent wellness and the transition to welcoming baby home. 

From my roles as a Parent, Registered Social Worker (RSW), and Postpartum Doula (c), I will be facilitating this course to cover the topics that I know deserve more focus and discussion.

Topics to include, but not limited to: Emotional Wellness, Parent-Child Attachment, Adult Relationships, Infant Development, Physical Wellness, Socializing

In addition to the weekly virtual group discussions, there will also be opportunities for an individual check-ins with me, in-person group meet-ups (2) at Waterdown Village Chiropractic and Wellness Group, and a What's App group to keep you connected.

You decide how much or how little you want to participate!

Ideal for people in their third trimester,  welcoming their baby/babies in the next 3 months, and/or have an infant aged 0-12months

To maintain the intimacy and safety in the group setting, group size is capped at 5 families (single parent or couples)

Next Group: February 2022

Total Cost: $500 
(cost is per family/couple)

*Registered Social Work services are covered under most employee health benefit plans

**Please contact me directly with any cost or payment concerns

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Young Couple Expecting
Couple with Baby
Postpartum Parent Wellness Group: Welcome
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